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Highly accurate powder packing machinery.

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Powder packing machine

Packaging a powdered product to the highest standards requires a customized solution: a powder packing machine that is fully tuned to the product and its application. Arodo has years of experience in this field. This gives us the capacity to develop the most efficient powder packing machine for you.

You can choose from powder packaging equipment for open mouth bags made of either plastic or paper, which we can seal (even hermetically) using different methods. We also align the dosing system to your product. To remove all residual air from the bags, you can choose from several techniques.

Nowhere else will you find so many options and the expertise to build the optimum powder packaging machines for your business.

Fully closed powder packaging

Some powders can be very difficult to deaerate. Packaging them requires specialist knowledge, especially when the bags need to be fully closed. We are the only company in the world that has the solution: our own AROVAC® technology.

This unique technology allows your powder packaging equipment to bag products from milk powders and cement in fully airtight packaging, making them perfectly stackable. A rule of thumb: the more complex your powder, the more you will benefit from our AROVAC® technology.

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Powder packing machine

Custom-built powder packaging machines

There is no such thing as ideal powder packing machinery. But your ideal powder packing machine does exist. That is, at least, if it is developed to your exact specifications. We take all relevant variables into account: from the type of bag and bag closure to your powders' processing capacity and complexity.

At Arodo, every powder packing machine can be delivered as a stand-alone unit, but we can also install it as a complete powder packaging line, including a palletizer and stretch hooder.

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