Bag filling machines for high-quality powders

Highly accurate open mouth bag filling systems.

Unique open-mouth bag filling machine

With an Arodo bag filling machine you can pack all your powdery products with maximum efficiency. Our many years of experience enable us to develop optimal packaging processes for every product and application.

We offer a range of bag filling machines for paper and plastic open mouth bags. These can be closed in a variety of ways (also hermetically sealed). We use a range of techniques to remove residual air: from mechanical systems and our advanced vacuum technology, as well as combined solutions. You then choose the dosing system that best suits your product.

As you can see, nowhere in the world will you find a bag filling machine manufacturer with this range of options. And, even more importantly, with the knowledge to help you find the ideal packaging solution.

Fully closed packaging

Packaging powders that are difficult to deaerate is a knowledge-intensive discipline, especially if the packaging needs to be tightly sealed.

The bag filling machines of Arodo are the only ones in the world capable of packaging powders ranging from cement to powdered milk, so they are fully airtight and perfectly stackable. It is with that goal in mind that we developed the AROVAC® technology. The more complex the properties of your powder are, the more you benefit from this technology.

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Bag Filling Machine

Customized bag filling machines

We develop a customized open-mouth bag filling machine for each individual customer. For the best results, we look at different variables such as the complexity of the powder, processing capacity, bag type, and closure system.

Every Arodo bag filling machine is available as a stand-alone unit, but we can also install it as a bag filling line including a palletizer and stretch hooder.

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Features of bag filling machine