Packaging line for high-quality powders

Three machines, one line: integral solution tailored to your needs.

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That's how your powders and your process benefit from Arodo machines

The production process of powder-based products only really stops when the customers and end-users are completely satisfied. In this process, the packaging and logistics of your premium powders are crucial.

That's why the packaging machines of Arodo are custom-built and are set up entirely according to your specific production process. It provides maximum protection of your powder quality every step of the way.

Open-mouth bagging line

There is no such thing as the ideal powder packaging line. But your ideal powder packaging line does exist. Our open-mouth bagging line is composed of three machines that work together like clockwork.

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Your ideal powder packaging line composed of three fully customized machines

These three packaging systems form an integral solution that is fully geared to packaging and protecting the high-quality powders that you produce.

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Bag filling machines

Packaging powders that are difficult to vacuum pack is a knowledge-intensive discipline, particularly if the packaging has to be hermetically sealed.

The open-mouth bag filling machines of Arodo are the only ones in the world capable of packaging powders ranging from cement to milk powder, so they are fully airtight and perfectly stackable.

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Having secure and stable transport is a prerequisite for ensuring that your powders reach their destination and retain their quality. Palletizing the goods with care is key to achieving this.

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Stretch hooders

Once your powders have been packed and the bags are placed on pallets, it is important to ensure optimal protection and stable transport for the products. Our high-grade stretch hooder machines are specially designed to do just that.

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