Palletizers for bag filling lines

For efficient handling and stable transport.

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Palletizers and palletizing systems

Safe and stable transport is a prerequisite to ensure that your product reaches its destination while safeguarding the quality. Palletizing the goods with care is key to achieving this.

Our palletizer places the bags with your product on the pallet fully automatically and according to a fixed pattern. Your specific situation determines the method we use to do this. For example, we can adjust the process to the desired speed, but also to how full the bags need to be.

By palletizing your goods exactly to your specifications, the operational process becomes quick and efficient without any manual action needed from your staff. Moreover, stacking in a pattern makes the pallet extra stable for transport.

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The benefits at a glance

  • Fast processing without stagnation
  • No additional handling required by your staff
  • Extra stability during transport
  • Maximum system integration
  • Minimum 20-year service life
  • Quality service, 24/7 in four languages


Two types, different possibilities

Our palletizers contribute to an efficient processing process and maintain the quality of your powders.

Depending on the requirements for stacking the bags, we offer a specific solution. Would you like to learn more about our palletizers? Take a look at the features below.


The ideal solution if you want to palletize bags that aren't completely filled. The gripper head places the bag in an overlapping pattern on a formation table. 

  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic
  • 300 - 700 bags an hour
  • Optionally with pallet dispenser
  • Optionally with layer correction:
    • Layer guide via hopper (mechanical)
    • Lateral compression (pneumatic)
    • Top compression (pneumatic)



The ideal solution for palletizing well-filled bags, including the 100% sealed AROVAC® bag. The bag is turned to the correct position and the slider pushes it onto the forming table according to a fixed pattern.

  • Fully automatic (high bay only)
  • 1,250 - 2,300 bags an hour
  • Optionally with pallet dispenser
  • Optionally with layer correction:
    • Lateral compression (pneumatic)
    • Top compression (pneumatic)