PGH palletizer

Gripper type palletizer, for bags that are underfilled.

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The Arodo high-rise PGH palletizer with gripper deposits underfilled bags in an overlapping configuration on its processing platform. The palletizer is equipped with moving stops to force the layer to fit the desired pallet dimensions. After each layer deposit, the roller conveyor on the lifting device presses the pallet against the bottom of the processing platform. Any desired stacking configuration can easily be created and stored in one of the free processing programs.

Palletizing performance

The Arodo PGH palletizer is designed to meet the expectations of continuous production processes. The principles of the design are reliability, machine availability, and lifespan. That means that for the selection of the mechanical and electrical components, the most reliable solutions are used to meet the specific requirements in which the palletizer will operate. The low friction of the mechanical components and efficient motions reduce energy consumption. The robust design allows for intensive use of the palletizer, which is why the palletizer and its proven technology have satisfied the needs of so many Arodo customers for several decades.

Seamless integration

The Arodo PGH palletizing solution can be seamlessly integrated into the range of Arodo machinery as well as being part of a complete powder packaging line. For custom-made solutions, the Arodo PGH palletizers can be adapted to fit in customer-specific internal pallet transport systems.

The Arodo PGH palletizer can be modified on request for nonstandard pallet dimensions and loads.

The PGH in a nutshell:

  • Gripper type, for bags that are underfilled
  • Automatic
  • 300 to 1200 bags an hour
  • With (central) pallet dispenser
  • Integration of sheet feeders
    • Cardboard or PE, loose sheets, or from a roll
  • With layer correction
    • Lateral compression
    • Top compression