Powder factory - Scandinavia

Pandemic strengthens cooperation with Scandinavian customer.

After having completed an packaging line with AROVAC® technology at a large Scandinavian company in 2019, we were given the opportunity to work with them once again this year. This time around, our work involved a bag-in-box filling machine with palletizer and stretch hooder, as well as a big-bag line in their powder factory. The machines are now operating successfully, but achieving this feat required a cooperation that was tough as steel.

For reasons of business protection, we have made this case anonymous. Therefore, the name of the project manager is an alias. However, the original project manager has approved his quotes.

It is November 2020, and Europe is grappling with the corona pandemic. The same is true for Scandinavia. Jonas, project manager at our customer’s factory, is currently on schedule with the installation of the new equipment: a bag-in-box filling machine with palletizer and stretch hooder. And the big-bag filling machine is also progressing as planned.

Yet, Corona is threatening to throw a spanner in the works. Jonas has just heard that the government is planning to tighten its corona measures and anyone entering the country will have to quarantine for ten days. That is, starting the day after tomorrow.

Jonas does not hesitate for a moment. He picks up his telephone and calls Arodo. He asks whether it would be possible to put two technicians who have been tested for corona on a plane ‘straight away’. That way they could arrive just in time and not have to spend ten days in quarantine.

Less than 48 hours later, our technicians Bob and Steven are standing at the airport. After a test confirmed that they do not have corona, they are able to get straight to work. Much to the relief of the project manager. This prevents more than a week’s delay, not to mention a substantial loss of production.

“Amazing how they managed it all. It says a lot about their flexibility and service-oriented approach”

Spirit of cooperation

“The stakes were high,” says Jonas, thinking back. “That is why I did not hesitate to ask Arodo that question. Amazing how they managed it all. It says a lot about their flexibility and service-oriented approach.”

The machine for the Scandinavian company was as good as ready, so Arodo was able to swiftly shift gears. The final assembly was expedited, the paperwork was completed and the technicians left as quickly as they could, in compliance with all the corona regulations, of course. Jonas: “The fact that Bob and Steven were prepared to leave right away and then stay here for a month made all the difference for us.”

“It's nice to work with a supplier who acts as a true partner”


But the project manager also commended the men for their craftsmanship. “I had noticed it before, and my colleagues also soon recognized it. These were true professionals. Suddenly, they were not only involved in the installation of the line, but also in its commissioning. I was impressed by their technical skills in both of these phases. On top of that, working together was also a tremendous pleasure, which is important in projects such as these.”

Jonas enjoys looking back on those few weeks of very intensive cooperation. “It’s nice to work with a supplier who acts as a true partner. Arodo is solution-oriented, service-minded, communicative, flexible, and completely up-to-date in terms of professional expertise. It’s in these kinds of situations where you really show what you are made of.”