Galam - Israël

Food packaging machine with the highest hygienic finishing level.

For over 70 years Galam has refined the best of nature’s raw materials, providing high quality, specialty ingredients to the food and non-food industries worldwide. The company specialises in bulk food ingredients, with a focus on two main channels: starch products mainly from corn and sugar products made from sucrose (dextrose and glucose)

Its expansive solution portfolio complies with the strictest quality assurance standards for the production of sweeteners, starches and nutritional ingredients. Strict guidelines also apply to packaging and packaging machines. Arodo was selected as a supplier for a packaging machine with high hygienic level of finishing.

The search for the right packaging solution

Ido Rabinovitch, project manager and engineer at Galam Israel explains. “We needed to pack a special sugar granulated in paper bags of 15-25 kg, quite a challenge. We tested 4 different manufacturers and chose Arodo. We liked the engineering concept of the machine and the fact they have a good reputation and specialise in hygienic packaging solutions for foodstuffs. Together with Arodo we visited a customer with similar requirements, where a similar packaging machine was already in use. We immediately joined forces.”

The machine was developed and made ready in Belgium so it was tested with our own products and bags. Then one of our colleagues went to Arendonk for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Arodo made some customer-specific changes, and then the packaging line was sent to us. A few weeks after that, a technician from Arodo came over for 10 days in order to install the line together with our technical people. And finally, a person from Arodo came to carry out the commissioning process with material until the packing process was validated.”

State-of-the-art food technology

“Our special sugars packing department relies on the following food technology and hygienic packaging concept from Arodo: filling, air removal/suction, heat sealing and pinch closing. The sack we use is made of paper, it has an inner polyethylene layer and we have it in different sizes (15-25 kg). The machine capacity is up to 300 bags/hour. Due to the low specific gravity of the product, vibrator plates densify the product during the transport to first closing position.”

Perfect installation and service

“Quality and reliability are also key for us just like at Arodo. They are also highly customer-oriented. They take their responsibility to supply a final and well-functioning food packaging machine. After installation their service was accessible, simple and useful. We hope to double our plant capacity in the future, and we will definitely contact Arodo again in case of further needs.